Tiger Safari in India has been one of the numerous thrilling and adventurous adventures in India. It has been a must-visit spot for every visitor who likes to examine the beauty of nature. There is plenty of tiger safari packages available golden triangle tour with Ranthambore on the internet that you can choose from. However, choosing one among them will not be easy as there are many options available for you.

Tiger Safari in India offers a unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable wildlife experience in a natural setting. Where you can see beautiful tigers, rhinos, deer, elephants and other rare wildlife species at close range. You will also get to see some of the most amazing views of Indian wildlife in their natural habitat while being accompanied by your host who will provide you with all the necessary information about each animal during your visit.

Here are the Top 10 Tiger Safaris in India

Tiger Safari Trips in India | Wildlife Worldwide

  1. Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park has been one of the most popular tiger safari goals in India. The park has been found in Madhya Pradesh and boasts a rich multiplicity of flora and fauna. It has been house to the world’s biggest population of tigers and different creatures like elephants, leopards, crocodiles and more. The finest moment to see Bandhavgarh National Park has been during the winter season when you can get to visit all these animals in their wild habitat.

  1. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is another great place for tiger safaris in India. It has always been considered one of the best places for animal lovers to visit because it has an abundance of large carnivores like tigers and lions roaming around the park. The park was established in 1972 and covers an extent of 865 sq km. The finest time to see Ranthambore has been between October and March when the temperature varies between 22°C and 32°C.

  1. Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is another prime destination for wildlife lovers looking to see tigers in their natural habitats. It covers an area of over 13,00 square kilometres and has a large number of water bodies and dense forests. The park is also home to leopards and rare bird species like hornbills, sunbirds, ibises, kingfishers, gaur and many more species which makes it a must-visit place. When you like to spend some rate period with creatures nearby.

  1. Jim Corbett National Park

The Jim Corbett National Park stood said a tiger help in 1998. The park is situated in the Himalayas on the border with Nepal and has an area of around 55 square kilometres. There are around 450 adult tigers in the park today and they are often seen stalking their prey here. The park offers visitors excellent views of deer, wild boar, sambar deer as well as sloth bears.

The Golden Triangle India Itinerary includes all the major attractions in the region and allows you to explore the best that the area has to offer.

  1. Satpura National Park

The Satpura National Park is home to the largest population of tigers in India. It has been also the best nationwide park in India where you can spot tigers every day.

The most suitable place to spot tigers has been the Sonbhadra River and its tributaries. The river has been declared a Tiger Reserve and has a good population of tigers. Some of them are also on camera traps, which makes it easier to record their movements and behaviour patterns.

The park offers a wide variety of wildlife activities like bird watching, nature walks, elephant rides, hot air ballooning and much more.

  1. Pench National Park

Pench National Park is located in heart of the country the a and has an area of 551 sq km. The park was established in 1935 and it has been one of the biggest national parks in India. Pench National Park has been popular for its tigers, elephants, leopards, sloth bears and other nature. The park even has a type of bird including hornbills, kingfishers and woodpeckers. Pench National Park is home to some rare species such as white-naped cranes and spotted deer which are found only in this part of India.

  1. Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park has been located in the state of Maharashtra. It was declared a national park in 1982 and covers an area of 652 sq km. This park is popular for its tigers but also has other animals like leopards, elephants, gaur, sambar and chital (deer). Tadoba also has many different species of birds like storks, ibis and pelicans etc., which are not found anywhere else in India.

  1. Nagarhole National Park

Considered one of the best tiger safari destinations in India, Nagarhole National Park is located in Karnataka, about 100 km from Mysore city. The park offers beautiful landscapes and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The finest moment to see this national park has been from October to March when you can sprinkle tigers, elephants, leopards and different wild animals.

  1. Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park has been one of the most popular tiger safari goals as well as India. You can spot tigers at close range here along with other rare animals like elephants, deer and bison. The best time to visit this national park is in November-March when you will get to see some of the biggest cats like Bengal tigers as well as Siberian tigers here.

  1. Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park has been one of the most popular tiger safari places in India. Located in Kerala, this national park has a large number of tigers who live there in harmony with humans. You can visit this area during daytime hours but it’s especially beautiful at sunset when you see hundreds of animals roaming around freely on their way back from food hunt. The luxury Golden Triangle Tour is suitable for people who are interested in seeing tigers at close quarters but do not want to be away from their families for too long.