Customs clearance Dubai is a huge step in any business or journey. If you want to keep your shipment away from the hands of customs inspectors. As well as you need to follow some simple rules. 

Customs clearance can be a long and tedious process. If you're thinking of importing goods and want to make sure the flow is as smooth as possible. Also here are 5 top tips you can follow to ensure a quick and trouble-free customs clearance process.

What is Customs Clearance?

Customs clearance has been the process by which goods are inspected, taxed and released from customs control. The process has to stand typically carried out by a customs agent in a designated area of the airport. Customs agents are responsible for ensuring that all imported goods comply with national laws and regulations.

How does the Customs Clearance process work?

Customs Clearance

The customs authority checks all of the paperwork you keep enclosed with your load. This still has the retail invoice, which is required for any global load, and it may have additional records too, such as fitness certifications.

The customs official chooses then see what, if any, taxes and responsibilities should be applied. Kind of effect, part of development, and government regulations resolve all impact the tax and obligations.

The customs clearance Dubai official then releases the load once everything is paid and the proper papers contain stood gathered.

Here are the 5 top tips for a smooth customs clearance process

1. Make sure your commercial invoice is complete, and the description of the goods is accurate

This will help you to avoid any mistakes in the customs declaration process. If your commercial invoice isn't up-to-date, it won't be possible for you to complete the customs declaration form. You'll need to go back to the supplier and ask for an updated invoice or a new one altogether.

If you're using a third-party courier service, make sure they have accurate details of who they're delivering the goods to. This will ensure that the right person gets notified of their arrival, and also helps with tracing if there's a delivery issue.

2. Select your international commercial assignments (Incoterms) wisely

Choosing the right international commercial terms (Incoterms) is important if you want to avoid delays in your customs clearance. The International Chamber of Commerce has standardized a set of rules and regulations that can help you choose what terms to use when importing goods into your country.

These terms are more specific than others, so they cover more detailed details about importation and payment terms for different countries.

3. Research other required papers for certain effect classes and individual countries

Every country has different requirements and rules when it comes to importing your goods. Before you start the process, research what has been required to comply with local customs regulations. 

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4. Don’t put your records inside of the shipment

The customs department will often open and examine the contents of your package to determine if you are importing a restricted item. If they find anything questionable, they may refuse to clear the package and may charge you an additional fee for re-inspection.

5. Keep detailed records and copies

The key thing to do is to keep detailed records of all the things you have declared and make sure that you keep copies of all the documents in your possession. Copies should also stand made and kept by you on paper or in electronic form as well as on digital media such as USB sticks or cloud storage. If any form of communication has been used between you and the customs officials then make sure that they are aware that they are required as well as preserve those communications until further notice.

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