Amritsar and the Golden Temple are two major destinations in India. This city is known for its Harmandir Sahib or Sikh Gurdwara, which was built by the fifth guru. The main attraction of this temple is its architecture, which is called “chaupai bolee” or double-layer walls with nine windows opening to the east. Many people who visit Amritsar also stay there and enjoy a good time in the Golden Temple's luxurious accommodation. 

Amritsar Tour Package from Delhi includes Amritsar, Jallianwala Bagh and Golden Temple. The tour package starts from Delhi and ends at New Delhi Railway Station or any other location in India that you may want to visit. You can also book this tour package for a day or more days if you want to explore more places around Amritsar and away from the main sightseeing points like Jallianwala Bagh, Golden Temple, Damdama Sahib etc.

Here is the Complete Guide to Amritsar

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  1. History

The Golden Temple of Amritsar is one of the most sacred shrines of the Sikh religion. It was built by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das in 1664 at the site of a cremation ground called Takht Sri Kangan Sahib.

The Golden Temple is dedicated to Guru Nanak, one of the founders of Sikhism. The golden temple was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1839 on a hill overlooking the city. It is said to have cost millions of rupees and took four years to complete. The building has been damaged several times during battles between Sikhs and Muslims but has been restored each time by Maharaja Ranjit Singh's successors.

  1. Location

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and one of the most visited monuments in the world. It's known as the City of Saints and is famed for its Golden Temple, also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib or 'The Temple of the Divine Master'.

  1. How to Get There 

Amritsar is easily accessible from anywhere in India. You can reach Amritsar by road, rail, air and air.

By Road

The city is well connected with all national highways and state highways. A good network of roads connects Amritsar to all other cities and towns of Punjab and Haryana.

By Rail 

The city has two railway stations, one on the Jalandhar-Fazilka line and another on the Delhi-Ludhiana line. Both the stations are connected with all major cities of Punjab and Haryana.

By Air 

The nearest airports to Amritsar are Chandigarh International Airport (1hr 30min drive) at Panchkula/Haryana, which serves as a gateway for domestic flights to other major states of India; Sahnewal Airport (4km away) at Ludhiana which serves as a gateway for domestic flights to other major states of India.

  1. When to Go

The best time to visit Amritsar is in April, May and June. This is because during this period you can enjoy the pleasant weather and see the city from its best angles. The weather during this time is extremely pleasant with mild temperatures, which makes it an ideal time for sightseeing. It also happens to be a festival season so you can witness various cultural events and performances that take place within the city. The Golden Triangle Tour with Tiger Safari is a trip that combines the best of nature, culture and adventure. 

The Golden Temple is always crowded during these months and so it's best to visit Amritsar during this time rather than any other.

  1. Where to Eat and Drink

Amritsar is famous for its food. The city is home to some of the best restaurants in India, and the local cuisine includes a wide range of spices and flavours. You can find traditional Punjabi dishes like butter chicken, tandoori chicken, gosht ka saag, lassi and chai at local eateries. Also try local street food such as samosas, bhel puri and pakoras.

The Golden Temple has a four-star hotel called Guru Nanak Niwas where you can enjoy a luxurious stay with excellent services.

  1. Where to Stay

The Golden Temple is a must-visit destination in Amritsar. The city is home to many hotels and guest houses, all of which have been built around the temple and its surroundings. The most popular ones are the Chandigarh Palace, Hotel Guru Ram Das and Hotel Amritsar Palace.

If you have booked your room in advance, it's wise to book one of these hotels during your visit as they tend to get booked out quickly. Otherwise, you can try searching for hotels online or through travel websites like MakeMyTrip or Yatra.

  1. What Else to Do Nearby 

Golden Temple Tour from Mumbai is one of the best tourist places in India. Amritsar is a fascinating city with many attractions to explore. If you're looking for more than just the Golden Temple, here are some suggestions:

Strolling around Amritsar's narrow lanes and colourful houses is a magical experience. You can also take a trip up to Anandpur Sahib, which was once home to Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism.

The city's gardens are lovely places to relax and enjoy views of the river or even visit one of the many museums in town.

A visit to Pahadi Village gives you an up-close look at traditional Punjab life and culture through displays of handicrafts and souvenirs made from natural materials such as wool, rice husks and wood carvings.