Whether you have a new puppy or your old dog is getting on in years, there's no doubt that you've been annoyed by your canine's most annoying behaviours. No matter what age your dog is, it's almost always possible to learn something new about how to fix these issues so they don't happen again. Our trained dog training in Mumbai uses the most effective and humane methods to train your pet. We are a team of dog trainers from Mumbai, who specialize in training different kinds of dogs.

If you've ever owned a dog, you know how challenging it can be to keep it well-behaved. Dogs are curious and need stimulation. They also love their independence and the better they get at being alone, the more difficult that freedom becomes for them. Dogs don't like to be told what to do or how to behave – they want to decide on their own how they react.

Dog's Most Annoying Behaviors

  1. Behavior Issue (Barking)

Barking is an extremely common behavior problem among dogs. It's usually caused by a combination of boredom, frustration and anxiety.

Boredom can be caused by lack of exercise or mental stimulation, while frustration comes when your dog doesn't get what he wants (like a toy) or feels trapped (like in a crate). Anxiety can be caused by anything that makes your dog feel threatened, like another dog or person being in the same room as him.

How to Fix Barking

To fix barking, start with the cause: boredom, frustration or anxiety. If you're dealing with one of these issues, try taking your pet for walks every day and playing with him when he gets home from work. If that doesn't work, it's time for a new toy! Some dogs get bored easily; others are more high-energy so it might take more effort on your part to keep them entertained and busy during the day.

  1. Behavior Issue (Chasing)

Chasing is a common problem in dogs. Often, it starts as a game that gets out of hand. The dog learns to chase and be chased, which can be very frustrating for both of you. Delhi Dog Training is a Delhi-based company that provides the best training services for dogs. 

The most important thing to remember about chasing is that it's not just about the chase itself. It's also about the reaction your dog has when you stop chasing him or her. If he or she is rewarded for chasing you, he'll keep doing it.

If your dog gives up on the game once you start running away from him (and he doesn't get the reward of catching up with you), then he'll learn that chasing is useless and probably won't do it again.

  1. Behavior Issue (Digging)

Digging is a behavior that you may or may not have noticed your dog exhibiting. It can be quite annoying, but it is also relatively easy to correct.

To begin, try to catch your dog digging before it gets out of hand by placing a crate or dog gate in the area where they are digging. Then, as soon as your dog begins digging, put them in their crate immediately. Give them a treat when they finish digging and praise them for being good while they're inside the crate.

This will teach them that it's okay to dig in one area when they aren't outside and that there's something good waiting for them inside! After this initial training session, continue to reward your pooch for being good when he or she is inside its crate.

If your pooch continues to dig despite being rewarded for being good, take away all rewards until the behaviour stops completely no treats or pets are necessary.

  1. Behavior Issue (Jumping)

Jumping is one of the most common behaviour problems. It can be a sign of anxiety or fear, or it may be an attempt to live up to your dog's over-inflated sense of self-worth. Whatever the cause, jumping is not only annoying but also dangerous for both you and your dog.

If you see your dog jumping up at strangers or people walking by on the sidewalk, you may want to address the behaviour problem immediately. If it's serious enough, your vet may recommend medication to help curb the behaviour.


It's worth noting that many of the methods we've discussed here are only effective for minor canine behavioural issues. Most dog owners need not worry about going to these extreme measures to help their dogs get in line. But if your dog is truly suffering from a major problem, you wouldn't hesitate to seek professional help, would you? Well, these same principles apply to training your dog.

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