If you've taken the time to train and socialize your dog, you know how important it has been to have a reliable routine. Having the right dog commands can help your dog be the best canine companion in the world. In this article, we'll show you how to teach you ten vital dog commands and command phrases that will make him a well-rounded member of your family.

If you want to train your dog. To teach your dog a new command, it's best to start as early as possible. You will want to be consistent with verbal cues and rewards so that your dog understands the command and then uses it on his own.

What Are Dog Commands?

Dog commands are a way to teach your dog new behaviors, such as coming when called or sitting. Dogs use their senses most often as a way to communicate with us. By learning to use our voice and body language, we can make our dogs understand what we want them to do.

You mustn't shout "come!" or "sit!" at your dog in an angry tone of voice. It's also important that you don't reward the wrong behavior by giving treats or petting the dog until it performs the desired behavior.

How to Train Your Dog to Obey Dog Commands

It's also a good way to bond with your pet, which can make life easier for both of you when you're out and about. If you want to train your dog new commands. Dog training delhi is the easiest way for it. If you are interested in training your dog then here are some of the best dog commands to teach your dog.

Command Tones

A commanding tone is a series of short, high-pitched sounds that you make to your dog. It's a way to get your dog's attention without using words. 

Stand still while making a series of quick, short sounds like "k-i-s-s," and then stop. Your dog will perk up and come toward you.

Make the sound and wait for your dog to come over so he knows that he should do something for the reward you're about to give him — such as petting or giving him a treat or toy.

High Tones

The high tone is the most common command for obedience training, and it's also the most important. It's a sign that your dog should stop whatever pet is doing. The dog should sit when you say "sit," and remain at your side until told otherwise. A high tone means that you want him to come to you so that he can receive rewards such as food, play, or affection from his master.

Base Tones

The base tone is the voice range that’s most often used to communicate with dogs. It ranges from the lowest bass register to the highest tenor register and is usually in a mid-range tone. This makes it easy for your dog to hear and understand you, but not so loud that he can’t focus on what you’re saying.

The base tone is what we use when training our dogs because it’s more humanlike than other tones like high-pitched voices which can be difficult for dogs to understand or ignore.

Language” for Commands to Teach Your Dog

The best way to teach your dog command is to use the “language” of your dog. That is, if you want your dog to sit, for example, you should use a word that means “sit.” If you want him to roll over on his back and play dead, you should say “roll over.”

This may seem like an odd way of teaching commands because humans tend to use words as nouns and verbs rather than as adjectives and adverbs. But dogs do not think this way at all! Instead, they perceive the world in terms of categories — things are good or bad, nice or nasty, etc. In other words, the only difference between saying “sit” and saying “down” is that one word means something positive while the other means something negative.

Dog Commands


This command is essential for any pet owner who wishes to train their pup. The sit command is one of the most effective commands you can teach your dog and gives them a lot of control over when they want to do what you say.

To teach your dog how to sit, give them verbal praise like "good girl" or "good boy" when they sit down. When they are sitting, tell them to stay by giving them verbal praise such as "stay" or "down." You can also use treats or clickers to reward your dog for sitting correctly.


This command is used to tell your dog to lie down. If you have a puppy then Delhi dog training is a good idea to teach this command early so that they learn what it means when they're young. It can also stand utilized used in other cases where your dog might be uncomfortable or scared. For example, if you have a dog that is afraid of loud noises, try teaching the down command before you go to a noisy event like a fireworks show or thunderstorm.


This is probably one of the most important commands for any dog owner to know how to teach their dog. It's important because it teaches your dog that you are in charge and how to follow your rules. You can use it for all sorts of things like having your dog wait at the door before you let them out, or just for reminding them when they've done something wrong, such as jumping on furniture or chewing on something that isn't theirs. 


The wait is an important command. It means that your dog should stop whatever he’s doing right now and wait for your next command. If you tell him to wait, he should sit or stand there until you give him the next order.

The wait is a very useful command because it teaches your dog that he must listen and obey you. When you tell him to wait, your dog knows that he must pay attention and not do anything else until his next command comes.


The heel command is a great way to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash, but it can also be used for other purposes, like preventing your dog from pulling on the leash. Dog Boarding Delhi is a great manner to maintain your pet active and out of hassle. 

To train your dog to heel, start by a stay in front of your pet with your hand on his neck. on his collar. Tell him "heel" and repeat it until he walks without hurting you. Once he follows commands reliably, start walking backward while holding his collar and saying "heel." He should follow along behind you as you move backward until he is walking forward and staying close to you at all times.