Air cargo, also known as air freight, is the delivery of goods and materials by aircraft to their destinations. It is the fastest and most economical way to transport goods and materials. Air freight companies in Dubai are a type of freight transportation that uses large commercial aircraft to deliver goods and parcels via scheduled flights. Air cargo includes both airfreight and airmail.

The term "air cargo" usually refers to the movement of goods in aircraft containers. It is sometimes used as a synonym for "freight", but it may also refer to other types of transport, such as mail delivery by air or cargo shipping. Air cargo is the air transportation of goods and merchandise, including both physical and non-physical items. Air cargo can be in any form, from the smallest unit items to large palletized loads.

Air Cargo Services, Shipping Rates, and Charges

Air cargo has been the transport of goods by air. Air cargo can be used to transport general goods, passengers or mail. Air cargo services are provided by airlines and freight forwarders. There are two types of air cargo services:

  1. General Cargo

 This refers to any item that does not require a specific type of packaging to protect it during transit. Examples include boxes, filing cabinets, furniture and large items like refrigerators and TVs. General cargo is typically shipped on pallets or wooden crates and can be picked up at one location and delivered to another location without further handling.

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  1. Special Cargo

Special cargo refers to items that require special packaging for protection during shipment such as electronic equipment; pharmaceuticals; medications; fine arts; antiques; jewellery; 

Special cargo shipments may also be subject to additional fees due to size, weight or value.

Speciality or irregular shipments are often transported by air. Speciality cargo includes fragile items such as artworks and precious metals. These types of shipments often require special attention during transport due to their fragile nature.

Temperature Controlled

Temperature-controlled shipments are one of the most common types of air cargo. They are usually sent to foreign countries and need to be kept at a consistent temperature or else they can spoil quickly. Temperature-controlled shipments include temperature-controlled pallets and temperature-controlled containers.

Temperature-controlled pallets are used for shipping products that require a specific temperature for storage. These pallets enable keep the effect at the selected temperature as it progresses through the store chain from factory to distributor to dealer.

Temperature-controlled containers are used for shipping products that require a specific temperature for storage. These receptacles allow supporting the product at the selected temperature as it progresses through the supply chain from factory to distributor to retailer.

Dangerous/Hazardous Cargo

This has been the numerous standard kind of air cargo. It includes items that could be considered dangerous, such as flammable liquids, explosives and other hazardous materials. Dangerous/hazardous cargo must be transported under local and international regulations.

Live Animals

Live animals are any animal that is under the control of humans. This includes meat and livestock, but also any species that are not domesticated. For example, a polar bear would be considered a live animal because it is not domesticated. This can include birds, fish, reptiles and mammals.

Live animals can be transported for commercial purposes or personal use. Live animals must be shipped with proper documentation to ensure that they do not get sick or die during transport.

Human Remains/Tissues and Organs

Human remains and tissues and organs are the most common types of air cargo. They are transported in a variety of ways, including by air cargo planes, air freight trucks, and courier services.

There exist even two major kinds of cargo air crafts:

Passenger Aircraft (PAX)

Passenger aircraft are designed to carry one or more passengers from point A to point B. These aircraft are equipped with seats for multiple passengers, along with bathrooms and flight attendants. These planes typically have a cargo area at the rear of the plane that is used for carrying items such as food and clothes on long flights. The cargo area may also be used to transport human remains or tissues if necessary.

Cargo Only Aircraft (CAO)

Cargo-only aircraft do not have a passenger cabin, so they cannot carry people or any other cargo. Instead, they are designed to transport large amounts of goods or containers between two or more points, often overnight or even over longer distances. These aircraft can be very large and can carry many different types of cargo over long distances.

What Can Ship on Air Freight

The "what can ship" list includes anything that fits inside the cargo compartment of an aircraft. This includes household goods, furniture, appliances and other items.

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What are the advantages of Air Freight?

Air freight is the most expedient way to ship packages. It also has several advantages over other modes of transportation, including:

It saves time and money

Air freight can cut down delivery times by days or even weeks when compared to ocean shipping. Some products have no minimum weight requirement so they can be shipped with very little packaging.

It’s environmentally friendly 

Air freight is one of the cleanest ways to travel because there are no emissions created in its manufacture or use. Air cargo carriers are required by law to use non-flammable materials for packaging and labelling their shipments, which helps reduce emissions from the transport process.

It’s fast and efficient 

When compared to trucking, air cargo moves much faster through the air than trucks do on land, resulting in shorter delivery times for some shipments.

Interesting facts about Air Freight

Air freight has been a critical component of the international store chain. It enables companies to move goods and supplies quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively across the world.

Air freight is a transport mode for transporting cargo by air. It is one of the fastest ways to transport goods and has been used for centuries.

Air freight is now one of the most efficient means of transporting cargo across international borders and has become an essential part of business operations worldwide.

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